The suburbs make me totally crazy. Too much HBO, shopping mall traffic, high school throwbacks, weird run-ins, fitness gyms, PTA moms at the Panera Bread, Costco coupons. For the love of God, I cannot live there while there is life in my marrow.

Meanwhile, I just looked at my packing list to see that it is filling right up…
Packing List
*Fun things, *things that keep you awake, swimsuit, peanut butter

I am not ready for this.

Anyways, this is the itinerary for the next week:
Evanston, IL (Alison)
Northfield, MN (Tommy)
Boulder, CO (Brianna)
Albequerque, NM
Grand Canyon National Park
Mojave Desert, CA
Mt. Baldy, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Anthony and I turned to face the open road, a daunting prospect after both Kevin and Patrick dropped out of taking the 3,000 mile roadtrip to their new home in Los Angeles.
Inhale and then we set off into the dawn with a long playlist of 80’s rock music. Going to California. Babe, I’m gonna leave you.

Here is a list of compiled bullet points written during the drive.
-Three hours into the drive and I am awake in Ohio.
-Reached the Northwestern campus and Lake Michigan and found Alison in her ivy laden college town. White people. White people everywhere.
-herding clouds in Wisconsin…not the state for the lactose-intolerant. Also, “curds” is probably the most disgusting word in the English lexicon.
-small town vibes near St. Olaf..spent the day in the loving arms of mushrooms, speechless at the beauty of cornfields and friends’ faces, watching the woods dance and vibrate
-Somewhere between Kearney and North Platte, Nebraska—left Minnesota somewhere around 1 AM impulsively to run away from the sound of the train
-found respite from the aches of the road in Boulder following the dry sparse devil’s stretch between Tommy and Brianna. You can bleach your bones out here. Found tasty air on Flagstafff.
-Racing storms through the south of Colorado. 13 ½ hours until the Grand Canyon. The local radio is playing Bohemian Rhapsody, and I want to scream at the top of my lungs.
-Drive up to the Walter White house. Find best Mexican food of life. Followed by worst digestive seizures of life. A nice shared moment on the highway with Anthony as we hold our breath collectively for the next rest stop, wondering who will be the first to shit themselves.
-Leaning into the enormous empty space of the Grand Canyon, the warmth of the red and orange rust. The anticipation of the fall. And feeling as though my understanding of space and depth and dimension have collapsed.
-Setting up camp and falling asleep beneath the stars in the Mojave Desert, lightless save for those great sky bulbs. As if I have seen them for the first time in my life, in silence and emptiness they appear.
-The freeways connect us like a network of veins and arteries.
-Found Chris on Mt. Baldy. HERE. ALIVE. UH. And with a view of the smog bubble that is LA.
-Put my toes in the Pacific Ocean after more than 3,000 miles and six days on the road. Also, In N Out animal style…last time I was here it was Coachella and I was a veg-head.
-Ended the trip at the child star compound in Burbank swimming with Patrick.

**the wind it takes you where you want to go**












–Meanwhile, back to Temple for one more go-round.

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